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Why Comparing Yourself To Others Damages Your Potential

Constantly comparing yourself to others allows them to drive your behavior and can be a recipe for unhappiness. Most of the time, when we measure ourselves against our peers, it can be a good motivator for driving improvement. But when we are constantly comparing every single aspect of what we do with what they are doing, we can become obsessed and that can be self-destructive. Here are three specific ways why overly comparing yourself to others can damage your growth potential:

Causes you to view yourself unrealistically: You will see that one small detail of someone else that you begin to overanalyze can ripple into you imagining things about yourself that aren’t even true. Maybe it comes easier for someone to initiate a conversation, but you are better at closing a sale. Obsessing over the failure to start the conversation will lead you to become more introverted and you will lose sight of the areas you do well in.

Fuels your insecurities: A lot of times we will compare the best qualities of our peers to areas we simply don’t exceed in. For example, basic characteristics like someone being taller than you. You can’t even control your height and it has nothing to do with who you are as a person. But obsessing over that insecurity could make you fail to see the great parts of yourself.

Lowers your confidence: Only looking at the great things of those around you will have you begin to lack confidence in yourself. You will begin to feel like you don’t do well in anything. This leads you to stop taking risks and participating in activities that are necessary for your personal growth.

It’s important to remember that you are unique, and have areas you specifically do great in. Don’t let the good fortune of others be a negative weight on your personal development.

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