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The Major Fears That Organizations Are Facing In Terms Of Their Business’s Future

Running your own business does not come without its own difficulties, but the risks and challenges are often worth the rewards including the freedom to be your own boss, which can open the door to countless new opportunities. That being said, many major companies have begun to propagate several irrational fears following the pandemic. Here are two of the major concerns of these businesses as the remote work environment has begun to grow:

Culture erosion: Coming out of a global pandemic, many people have become complacent and prefer to work from home out of convenience. While this is definitely an option for many businesses, successful small business owners recognize how important it is to establish an office culture with a set routine, unspoken rules, and shared values. If employees are unable to participate in that atmosphere, how are they going to be able to fully buy into the company’s vision, and successfully represent the brand in whatever capacity it appears in?

Lack of productivity: Some CEOs have begun to worry that if the managers can’t see employees working, they will not be able to perform at the same standard they would if they were in the office. It goes without saying that there is a much easier pathway to holding others accountable in person. But as every employee in an organization is an adult, doesn’t that mean that they should be able to hold themselves accountable regardless of the environment they are working in?

It’s important to realize that having a lot of fears leads to a loss of control which in turn develops a whole new set of fears. While the remote workforce is growing, there is definitely a huge advantage for organizations that provide in-person interactions by requiring work in the office or stores they partner with. These can play into a company’s downfall, which is why we are glad we do not have these issues here at Xtra Mile Marketing Solutions. Apply now to see how we are the perfect fit for you!


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