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The Importance Of Keeping It Simple In Your Sales Pitch

Many salespeople and business leaders live by the KISS methodology which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. The idea behind this is that in the sales pitch, you want to avoid overcomplicating things and keep your explanations short and to the point. This doesn’t have anything to do with salespeople viewing their customers as having less knowledge but instead focuses on not wasting their time and getting to the heart of what need your product or service solves for the customer without bombarding them with too much unnecessary information.

The most important part of simplifying language is understanding the context of the sales interaction. There are definitely times when salespeople are going to talk to high-level executives or people that are very familiar with the industry your product or service is in; they will want to know more about how it will impact their lives. On the other hand, you might interact with developers or people who are much more technical and want to know a very different set of answers. So it’s important to be able to adapt to every unique situation as well.

When keeping your pitch precise and to the point, it’s doubly important to speak in a way that ties your product or service to the customer’s point of view. Putting things in simple terms requires a deeper understanding and level of expertise than just speaking in common jargon. Ask your sales managers to really listen to the phrases used by the customers in the stores, so they can really challenge their salespeople to simplify and clarify. Not throwing around formal language that might either bore people or go over their heads will have a huge impact on the quality of the sales conversations your company has as a whole, and ultimately the revenue your salespeople generate.


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