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The Do’s and Don'ts Of Delegating

Delegating is a very important concept for your business. By spreading out tasks to your team members, you can free up a large portion of your time to focus on actually running the business. However, transparency is key when delegating to make sure that everyone is on the same page, here are a few things that you should do when multiplying your capabilities:

Keep your team in the loop: Update your team regularly on what should be a priority so they are always up to date on what is most important for the project they are working on. Priorities change fast in business, and you can not expect your team to read your mind.

Clarify your expectations: Clearly set out deadlines at the start of each project including when you would like things done. If there are multiple aspects to each project, tell them in what order tasks should be prioritized. Be thorough on your end and do not underestimate the time it takes to do things. Setting unrealistic deadlines will only frustrate your team members, lower the quality of work, and can put your whole plan off schedule.

Give credit where it is due: Don’t take for granted your team’s capabilities. When they accomplish something ahead of time or come up with a solution for a problem, make sure you let them know that you noticed it and that you are pleased with what they have accomplished. This boosts morale and will help team members feel more confident in your leadership as you pass on more tasks to them down the road.

Delegation is a great tool, but do not just pass off the workload to get it off of your plate. This can send the wrong message to employees. Assign responsibilities based on your team members’ skill sets and you should be able to run a very efficient operation.


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