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3 Ways Your Business Can Survive The Great Resignation

Following the global pandemic, there has been a massive influx of workers resigning from their roles and switching to new employers. For many companies, the timing of this influx of quitters can definitely seem unfair. You were able to navigate your business and help them survive through a global pandemic, and now you have to overcome another major obstacle. Here are three ways to help your business break the norm and overcome the challenges of the Great Resignation:

Scale for development: If employees aren’t being challenged in their role, they may find themselves becoming complacent and wishing for more. Be deliberate in seeking out ways to unlock each employee's unique potential and create clear pathways for their growth.

Empower your present team: While it’s important to fill open positions and continue to expand, keeping the employees you already have is equally important if not more so. If you have team members that are putting in extra effort and high performing, make sure that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Prioritize company culture: Companies that focus on cultivating a positive company culture see a lower attrition rate and an increase in profit. The culture of your company should be instilled in the way each employee thinks from basic conversations to the decisions that you make as a leader.

In order to maintain success and continually draw in top talent, it’s important to be intentional and active in your employee retention strategy. Highlighting some of the key points listed above will help you get to where you need to be.


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