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3 Ways To Keep Your Ego In Check So You Can Keep Developing

Ego drives us to do extraordinary things from pushing ourselves to be the best in our field, to having the confidence to talk to everyone in the stores. However, ego can also be a very destructive force disrupting one’s ability to plan, receive good advice, and accept constructive criticism. So here are three ways to make sure you are staying level-headed when the time calls for it and keeping your ego in check:

Accept praise graciously: It’s important to graciously accept compliments as they come and to remind yourself constantly that success is earned and not bestowed. You need to keep remembering that in order to be consistently prosperous, you must operate at a high level and continually earn it.

When someone disagrees, assume they know something you don’t: Instead of letting your ego control you and going on the attack when someone questions or disagrees with you, listen to their viewpoint. By listening to what they have to say, no matter how frustrating it might be, you might learn something new or see something from a different perspective that you did not see previously.

Constantly self-reflect: No matter what accolade you receive, you can always do better in any given situation. So ask yourself even in the best of moments how you could have done better. No one is at optimal performance when it comes to leadership; there is always something we can improve on.

Ego affirms a leader’s ability to take charge, but checking your ego shows a leader’s ability to be in charge of themselves. This is critical in developing any organization and achieving sustainable results.


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