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3 Ways Consumer Behavior Changes in the Summer

Even with the rise in e-commerce shopping, the weather still heavily impacts the consumer decision-making process. As the weather gets warmer and our spirits lighten in the summer, there is a higher trend towards self-indulgent spending which includes impulse buying. When examining consumer behavior trends over these next couple of months, you can design an effective marketing strategy that will play off these behaviors. Here are 3 specific ways that consumer behavior tends to change in the summer:

Nice weather motivates people to get out of their homes: People are more likely to leave their houses and interact in the community when they are less likely to get rained on. This means that over the summer months, when the weather is consistently warm and sunny, there will be higher foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores. Running promotions on holidays like Labor Day are great ways to ensure that foot traffic ends up at your stand.

Shoppers are more likely to buy on impulse: The vacation attitude of summer puts shoppers in a much more relaxed mindset, and makes them more likely to make purchases without as much research or consideration. Running well-timed social media campaigns that coincide with sales promotions can be a great way to draw consumer attention towards shopping at the store.

The summer elements motivate consumer behavior: Shoppers respond well to the use of seasonal elements in your advertising. For example, some sellers will use halogen lighting to mimic that of sunlight in their stores which, in turn, gives shoppers the illusion of being outside in the nice weather. This puts them in a much more amicable mood and can contribute to them purchasing your product. Using warm colors either on your booth or maybe even wearing a bright tie can put consumers at ease.

In conclusion, the weather has a deep-rooted impact on consumer psychology. By implementing weather-responsive tactics in your marketing campaign, you will be able to achieve the best results this summer.


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