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3 Best Practices For Prioritizing Tasks At Work

Prioritizing tasks effectively in accordance with future goals can ensure that every task you tackle drives value and keeps unimportant tasks from taking up too much space in your to-do list. You can drastically change the arc of your days and make the most out of your time at home and in the field. Here are three best practices we recommend for prioritizing how you tackle tasks:

Make a list: To give yourself a complete picture of what you need to accomplish, include both personal and workday tasks on a single list. Everything from chores around the house to time spent in the stores should be included. Then, prioritize according to urgency, importance, and reward.

Learn how to predict priority shifts: Through trial and error, begin to predict the exact project milestones where a process might break down and priorities would change. Whenever you see a possibility of a shift in priorities, adjust your schedule accordingly to get back on track.

Weigh-In Effort: It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the work and feel a reduction in productivity which leads to procrastination. If your to-do list becomes overwhelming, prioritize tasks that require less effort to get them out of the way quickly. Clearing out these tasks will give you some breathing room and generate a sense of accomplishment to motivate you to tackle some of the tougher obstacles on your list.

No matter how well you prioritize your time, there is only so much you can get accomplished in one day, and certain distractions are impossible to avoid. So it is important to remember to be realistic about setting goals, so you don’t create false expectations for yourself and the others around you.


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