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Xtra Mile Marketing Solutions is dedicated to forming connections with the community we work in. 

Here at Xtra Mile, we are determined to contribute to giving back to the community in as many ways as we possibly can. Our community objectives come in many shapes and sizes including supporting fundraising goals, participating in hands-on volunteer work, and contributing to awareness campaigns. Below are some of the many projects that our team gets involved in each year.


We were blessed to be able to find the time to assist this loving, caring, and hardworking family. The father works two jobs to provide for their family of 7. They never get to spend time together as a family. Julie, the mother, spends her entire day with their two sons that are 13 years old and autistic. Julie is an amazing mother, but life has gotten tough over the years as the boys have grown, and the language barrier between her and her son who has autism has increased. Their house has been torn apart by the boys' outbursts, and Julie has no time for herself since she always puts everyone else first. She is a loving lady and could use all of the help that she can get. Recently, Julie’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer on top of all of the other stress they deal with on a daily basis. Things have gotten hard for the Wiesemanns and all help is appreciated! Thank you for your donations to Xtra Mile Marketing Solutions!

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Grace Donation Station

Our team was more than happy that we could share our time with the Grace Donation Station. Everyone put in the work and time to help those who are in need. We wanted to offer a special thank you to all of you that contributed with all of your hard work. We do appreciate the opportunity that we have to be able to help those who are in need.


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Last year for Christmas, we heard a heart-touching wrenching story about a 14-year-old with stage 4 cancer. So without skipping a beat, we decided to bring the spirit of Christmas to him and his family! Our new friends became our new family this holiday season, and we wouldn't want it any other way. The Griffins are a wonderful family that still needs your continued support! Attached is a link to hear all about Collin's story and his journey:

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Santa's helpers

This Christmas we decided to adopt a family and make their Christmas happen!! We brought all their kids presents and we even able to convince Santa to pay them a visit! To see their eyes light up when we walked in is what Christmas is all about!

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald house is something that we love to partake in! Helping out families with very ill children, when some of them travel from very far away to these hospitals, staying here is a home away from home for them. We were able to bring in and cook dinner for the families staying here and help out in the best way we can! We also will always have a house on our Administrative Assistants desk to collect bottle tabs and donate them when it gets full as well, just to add a little extra and help wherever we can!

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